The popularity of B2B ecommerce is on the rise.You’re now more likely than ever before to be supporting B2B buyers and purchasers that have grown up with the internet and the digital age at their fingertips.In order to satisfy this new cohort of buyers, a streamlined B2B order management process is vital. By using online order management software combined with best practice workflows and a solid strategy, your business can improve its operational efficiency and overcome the challenges frequently associated with B2B order management.

Best solution is Bigdbiz B2B App


B2B order management is the process of tracking orders placed by your business’s clients and managing the necessary fulfillment processes for them. Here comes the solution for the entire problem!

Bigdbiz B2B App

A typical B2B order management process looks like this:

• Your sales representative enters the order from your customer onto your order tracking system — be it order management software, ERP or manual spreadsheets. If you have a B2B ecommerce business, then this first step can be overwritten by your customer placing their own order online — either through a dedicated B2B ecommerce platforms.

• An order confirmation is sent to the customer

• The products are reserved and allocated to the orders – either manually or automatically

• The order is sent to the warehouse to be picked, packed and shipped, while a back order is created for any out of stock items.

• A dispatch confirmation is sent to the customer.

• The order is delivered and received by the customer

On occasion, you may also need to track and manage returns, exchanges and refunds, which are all considered to be a part of the order management process.

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