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Warranty, maintenance, and customer service are the three most important aspects in today's manufacturing industry. Customer service should be available at all levels of a company's operations, including after-sales.

The After Sales Service App was built for a variety of industries to enhance the level of after-sales service that suppliers provide to their customers. It requires no technical expertise and has a user-friendly interface, making it a simple and efficient method for managing after-sales service.

The app comes alng with fully controlled admin software.

After Sales Service App is a cutting-edge cloud-based application designed especially for after-sales service, saving time and money. Easy Complaint/Service Booking, Voice & Image Recording, Complaint Status Update, Online/Offline Payments, AMC/Warranty Alerts are just some of the functionality available to consumers and suppliers.

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After Sales Service App
After Sales Service
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After Sales App

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How Bigdbiz After Sales Service App Works?


Book complaint directly from app

Client can book complaint directly from your own app


Admin assigns complaint to Service Executive

Admin assign complaints to service executive based on their availability


Service Executive received job alert

Once the complaint is assigned, executive will immediately received the alert in app


Service executive visit on-site fixes the issue and close the complaint

Service executive updates the complaint status along with spare parts used, overall cost, ask for the approval to close the complaint

Designed for your industry

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The features Bigdbiz will provide that will make your operations smooth.

Register Complaint

Customer complaints can come from a variety of places, including email, phone calls, and the internet. You can handle issues promptly and reply to clients if you keep track of these complaints. The Bigdbiz Aftter Sales App allows you to record all of the critical points about a complaint in one app, including the customer's contact information, caller information, and the complaint description.

Assign Complaint to Executive

Assigning complaints to service executives ensures that each and every one is dealt with. It also aids in the analysis and timely assignment of complaints to service employees. The assignment of a complaint in the Bigdbiz After Sales App is quite simple. You'll see a list of complaints that haven't been assigned yet.

Show Attachments at record level

You can obtain faster updates on complaints, easier access to tickets, and more employee self-service with audio and picture attachments. Customers can attach images related to their complaint. Bigdbiz Post Sales Service provides visual evidence to both customers and administrators in order to monitor or close a complaint.

Cost Visibility

Using Bigdbiz Post Sales Service, the cost of each complaint can be correctly stated. These show the entire cost of non-compliance across issues over a specified time period. Customer complaint data is consolidated, tracked, and reported from a single system of record, which improves visibility and availability while also assisting you in identifying issues and speeding up action planning to resolve them.

Real-time Reports

Bigdbiz After Sales app reports give you a clear overview of service quality. It provides the whole history of the complaint as well as its current state. You have the option of filtering the data for any time period (dates). You can generate reports based on issues and their resolutions using the admin view. With this information, you can create a knowledge base that will assist you in quickly identifying and offering the best solution.


Invoicing has never been so easy and convenient! Using a robust facilities maintenance service app like Bigdbiz Post Sales Service to empower your business allows you to prepare and deliver invoices to customers in just minutes. You may send this to your customers by email and Whatsapp, offering them the best facility maintenance service experience possible.

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The advantages Bigdbiz will provide that will make your operations smooth.

Telecommunications, health & wellness, consumer electronics, home appliances, computer hardware & networking, and power technology are among the industries and verticals that can benefit from this one-stop solution for after-sales service App.

Real-time repair status monitoring, dead-on-arrival identification, and other features to keep the after-sales services ahead of the competition.

Also in the face of consumer concerns, provide consumers with a consistently positive experience. It enables businesses to go paperless and cut costs.

Ascertain that any concern, service request, preventive maintenance, or inquiry is handled properly and promptly.

Removes leakages that are common in the service sector, boosting bottom-line profitability.

Warranty claim management app been integrated to improve the customer experience.