Hotel Management System

No matter what size your hotel business is, managing it requires great effort. You need to carefully track all operations from administration and managing customer data to reservation and accounting.

This software that enables hotel businesses to optimize their front-office capabilities by replacing time-intensive, paper and spreadsheet-heavy processes. User-friendly hotel management system features helped with reservations, guest check-in/check-out, room assignment, room rate management, and billing. They often required a significant amount of hardware that was managed on-premises.

Enhanced check-in/check-out capabilities

Cloud Hotel software empowers a hotel’s front-desk staff to check guests in and out, assign rooms, and enable guest services anytime from any place.

All data in one place

Numerous tasks that were previously handled by different programs can be done from one central location. Management can keep everything in one place where it won’t be lost. Employees can access, update, and track all relevant information across all departments and multiple property locations. Moreover, they can do it from any location and collaborate more effectively.

Improved revenue management

Hotel management software connects operations and financial processes. It leverages pre-built integrations to accounts receivable, accounts payable, payment gateways, point-of-sale systems, and payment processors. Moreover, analytics, reporting, and competitive intelligence help improve the hotel’s business operations.

Bigdbiz Hotel Software

Better customer data management

Hotel software consolidates and securely keeps all customer data, helping to form detailed guest profiles and ensure compliance with applicable consumer data protection regulations. The understanding of customer buying patterns enables hotel businesses to develop more targeted packages and services.

Increased employee productivity and engagement

User-friendly interfaces facilitate the training of hotel staff and reduce the likelihood of errors. The staff can save hours on routine administrative tasks that can be automated while concentrating on adding value instead.

High data security

When all of the hotel’s data is stored in the cloud, it’s available for download and analysis and protected by the latest technology. The information in your cloud hotel software is encrypted and securely backed up. Even if a computer breaks or a laptop is lost, the hotel data will remain accessible to the hotel users.

Enhanced guest experience

The automation of daily operations and administrative tasks promotes a consistent provision of quality services. Moreover, hotel software remembers customer preferences coupled with customer feedback analysis, which gives hotel employees helpful insights to help ensure better guest experiences.