BigPOS system - FAQ

A Bakery POS software automates the day-to-day activities of a bakery and reduces employee workload. It helps in all areas such as quick billing to bust long queues, bulk order management to plan, prepare and deliver the bulk orders on time, real-time reports on top-selling items, advance ordering and tracking real-time ingredient consumption.
Bakeries are one of the favorite hangout spots for kids and adults alike, so they're packed anytime. Managing the crowd during rush hours and on special occasions can be challenging. To keep this process simple and on time, bakery POS software is essential. This POS system helps you manage advance orders, track inventory, monitor the shelf life of perishable items and perform quick billing. You can also use a cloud-based solution to run your business and access real-time reports on your mobile device.
Implementing the Bigdbiz bakery software typically takes 10 to 15 days. This fully depends on the resources and time devoted to the project.
We only focus on the bakery industry, which is a significant difference. Every aspect of the bigdbiz bakery software has been added as a result of user feedback from bakeries or other food and beverage producers, who make up all of our users. Bigdbiz bakery ERP software supports data import to practically all commercial accounting software, so you are not need to use an unfamiliar accounting programme. The bakery programme was created by us, and we are the exclusive owners of all rights therein. We also don't contract out our support work.
The benefits of using POS software in the bakery are:
  • It helps customers to do a faster checkout
  • With bakery Point of Sale, you can monitor ingredient levels and alert you when an item is due to expire
  • By using Bakery POS software, you can keep track of your expenses, plan your spending based on accurate information, and keep track of each transaction
  • It helps you to create loyalty and rewards programs to keep your customers happy
  • It allows you to plan, produce and distribute bulk orders efficiently and easily.
  • The following factors should be considered before choosing POS software for bakeries
    - Intuitive user experience - Make sure that the Bakery POS software you choose is intuitive, simple to learn, and easy to use. It reduces training efforts and improves employee satisfaction
    - Online order Management -There is an increasing number of online food orders coming from food aggregators such as Swiggy and Zomato. Ensure that the software you select can manage multiple aggregators on one screen
    - Inventory Management - Choose a bakery POS solution that eases out your inventory management process without any hassle. The solution should be equipped with an Inventory Management System that keeps track of all the inventory in different stages
    - Security - Strong POS systems should be equipped with the most advanced software security systems with full end-to-end encryption
    - Report Generation - The Bakery POS systems should provide deeper insights into your business that will enable you to make the right decisions at the right time to ensure you achieve the best results. With the data, you should always be able to see what the bestsellers are, repeat customers, lean and peak sale periods, and in particular, the status of inventory and production.
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    In the context of inventory management within BIGPOS Software, there are two primary operational modes: one with stock and one without stock. Each mode has its distinct characteristics and serves specific purposes.

    Stock Mode:
    In the stock mode, the software maintains separate stock records for each individual item in your inventory. This approach allows for precise tracking of item availability within your branch. You can easily identify which items are currently in stock and which ones may become unavailable. Stockless Mode:
    In the absence of stock management, the software adopts a stockless mode. Here, products are billed even when they are out of stock, and sales are tracked accordingly. This mode is particularly useful for monitoring sales data and ensuring efficient order management.
    The BIGPOS Software includes a specialized feature known as the "Cake Order App." This app is designed to facilitate customized cake orders, offering options for customers to specify details such as cake flavor, shape, and novelty design. It streamlines the process of managing unique cake orders, enhancing customer satisfaction and order accuracy.
    GRN, short for "Goods Received Note," is a vital component within the stock-enabled option of BIGPOS Software. This note serves as a record of daily stock received at the branch from the central kitchen. The GRN ensures that the inventory in the branch is regularly replenished with fresh stock. It is a crucial step in maintaining accurate stock levels within the branch, and the information recorded in the GRN is subsequently updated in the branch's inventory records.
    The "Bill/Order Settlement" feature in BIGPOS Software plays a pivotal role in managing payment transactions for daily sales and orders. This page allows users to modify the payment mode for each bill generated during their usual sales and order processing. It provides a convenient way to adapt to various payment preferences and methods, ensuring flexibility and accuracy in financial transactions. This feature contributes to seamless and efficient payment processing within the software.