Bakery Wholesale Optimization


One of the finest ways to bring much-needed consistency to the unpredictable life of a retail baker is by offering baked products for wholesale. Although at first it might appear difficult, Bigdbiz makes the procedure much easier. You keep creating mouthwatering goodies, and our cutting-edge order management software will handle the rest. Discover the features of BIgdbiz bakery ERP:

Orders Can Be Changed Easily

Many establishments would be happy to purchase your baked goods in bulk, including coffee shops, small businesses, and neighborhood grocers. Accepting wholesale orders is simple with Bigdbiz bakery ERP. Schedules, invoicing, pricing index, and other order settings may all be changed in one spot, whether they are standing orders or one-offs.

Personalized Pricing & Invoicing

Bakeries have the chance to boost profitability, reduce stress over individual sales, and reach a wider audience by selling wholesale. Considering this, you'll require a system that can keep track of all wholesale implies, specifically all your various customers and their particulars. Setting specific prices and giving discounts to your wholesale customers is made easier with Bigdbiz Bakery ERP. Adopt this innovative technique to issue bills automatically and maintain track of their order history.

Orders Managed by Customers

Another benefit of using our wholesale bakery order management platform? By letting your wholesale clients to access the Bigdbiz Bakery ERP portal on their own, you may cut labour costs! Stop the back and forth that comes with handling complicated orders. Before you even begin manufacturing, your wholesale clients will appreciate having the freedom to handle their own orders. Everyone benefits.

Start Using Bigdbiz Bakery POS Right Away!

Let Bigdbiz Bakery POS assist you in increasing brand recognition, bringing in new clients, and expanding your company! Our order management system for bakeries has everything you require to succeed in the wholesale market.

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