We now have access to a wide range of real-time data support because to the development of technology in the modern day. These real-time data can be used by businesses to see issues as they develop, address them quickly, and continuously improve and modify their products and services. Owning real-time data constantly is extremely beneficial to restaurants. But first, let's define real time data before delving too far into the subject.

Real-time data is information that is made available right away after it has been gathered. Always updated information offered. Real-time data is valuable to businesses since the most recent data will always contain the most insightful information. If your rivals have already used this resource while you are still working with stagnant, months-old datasets, you are obviously at a disadvantage.

Furthermore, if you operate in a competitive industry, knowing that you are utilizing the most recent data available suggests that you can be confident that the estimates and decisions you make will be more accurate than those of your rivals.

What kinds of information are to be gathered, and how?

1. Information about inventory

It is crucial for a restaurateur to understand the components of each meal, the quantities needed to create them, and the profitability of each dish before coming up with menu selections. Having information about inventories allows a restaurant/Bakery owner to:

a.Keep track of profit margins so you can promote more profitable products

b. Keep costs down by ordering only what you need when you need it.

c.Reduce theft and food waste.

d. Inventory management can be done by restaurant/Bakery operators utilizing point-of-sale software. As a result, your software makes it simple to get the inventory data for your business.

2. Information about Kitchen

How effective is your kitchen staff? What's the typical amount of time it takes to prepare a meal? Are any patterns actually discernible from the kitchen?

Kitchen information can help you with:

a.Streamline waste and inventory management.

b.Boost the speed and efficiency of the service.

c.Enhancing customer service.

d.Order tracking

e.A kitchen display system enables the owner to efficiently and discreetly gather information about the kitchen.

3. Information about Customers

Customer data can be gathered using a variety of techniques. You can either train your staff to manually gather contact information, email addresses, birthdays, and feedback. Through loyalty events or other events you may offer, you can also get information from your customers. A streamlined loyalty event is available from Bigdbiz Bakery/Restaurant POS, which can help you foster a positive relationship with your clients.

Since customers are your company's most important asset, any information about them will enable us to launch several marketing initiatives. Let's examine how restaurants and bakeries might benefit from the data gathered.

Schedule Modifications

You are now able to modify the staff's shifts in accordance with the real-time data that was obtained. A person who has put in extra time can get a better shift the following day. Integrating real-time data and analytics also identifies your peak employee demand hours. Small managerial and operational changes would help your restaurant/Bakery in the long run. Additionally, this lowers the cost for the restaurants/Bakeries.

Increased Service

Recognizing a high-spending consumer has recently placed an expensive order, by paying closer attention to particular clients. The Preparation Time Alert lets you know when a table has been waiting longer than 20 minutes for drinks.

Minimizes inventory theft

Theft of inventory and money would be considerably decreased with the integration of real-time data information and reports. Integrating real-time data and reports would significantly reduce inventory and cash theft. In all likelihood, the management will keep tabs on billing, discounts, and inventory movement.

Trends Forecast

Using live data, you may forecast trends based on your advantages, disadvantages, consumer preferences, and special traits. All of these will help you create plans and initiatives to better the future of your business. Overall, real-time data is advantageous to restaurants/Bakeries in a variety of ways. Additionally, effectively using real-time data will generate enormous profits for restaurants/Bakeries.

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