Education Management System(EMS)


Cinque Terre


  • Admin :

    Manage Staff from Admission till Payroll; manage Students from Admission till TC, Schedule Online Exam, detailed Reports.
  • Teacher :

    Attendance, Schedule Exam, Student Management, Class Management
  • Transport :

    Transporting Vehicle Details, Track Vehicles, Track Routes, Fees Details
  • Library :

    Track Book without hectic
  • Parent :

    Can view Exam Result, Notification from School, Check Attendance

In detail: Office Accounting includes all the Student Fees management, Expense management, Staff Salary Expenses. It records and manipulates the entire accounting journal and presents the crystal clear reports to the admin for easy accounts maintenance of the school.

Modules covering:

  • Fees Master:Records types of fees inclusive for the students during admission.
  • Class Fees Master: Defines the class-wise fees details here. It records the class-wise varying fees structure for accurate manipulation
  • Expense Master: Records types of expenses incurred at the campus.
  • Expenses/Salary Payment: Records the expenses incurred during payment to teachers/non-teaching staff/driver or any other payments.
  • Students Fees: Records the fees amt received from the students and the mode.
  • Transport Fees: Records the transportation fees amt received from the students and the mode.
In detail: HRM includes all staff Check in/out, Staff Master Details, Salary/Payroll Management, staff timetable management, Leave Management.

Modules covering:

  • Staff Master: Store all the details of the teaching/non-teaching staff.
  • Staff Attendance: automatic check in check out facility.
  • Staff Timetable: Easy setting of timetable. Can be updated n number of times, reflecting at each teachers individual logins.
In detail: At this module, admin/teacher can create online/offline examinations and set question papers for different types of Exams. Segmenting students for online/offline exam of objective/hybrid type questions

Modules covering:

  • Exam schedule details: Create Online Exams with objective/hybrid question types. Can be assigned to general or specific class/group.
  • Question Page: Create question with relevant answers for the exam scheduled. Assigning mark for each question.
  • Registration: The students can start registering their exam id here to start their scheduled online exams
  • Exam Result: Check the exam result batch-wise in detail.
In detail: Admin can set up class details. The class can be populated with the student details and the respective teacher can be assigned for it.

Modules covering:

  • Class Master: Create Class with sections here
  • Student Master: Record all the students detail, parents detail, Admission detail, parent user setting, library settings
  • Staff Master: Record all staff’s detail, admission detail, personal details, staff user settings
In detail:Assigning teaching staff timetable here which plays a vital role in the Education management system

Modules covering:

  • Staff timetable: Create timetable for each individual teaching staffs
In detail: Manages the books type and name details here, Records the students check in check out details, Book Issue and returned details. This helps to track book and students details.

Modules covering:

  • Book type master: Records the type of books dealing with the library at campus.
  • Book details: Records the book details available at the library.
  • Book Issue: Records the details of book issued to the student with the issue history.
  • Book Return: Records the details of the book returned by the student with any ‘fine’ amt received.
  • Today Entry: Allows students to check in /out from library.
  • Entry History: Displays full history of student check in/out details from library.
In detail:Manages the transportation details from school to various places. Records vehicles types and details, Stopping, route details, Trip details and Fees details.

Modules covering:

  • Vehicle Type: Records the type of vehicles dealing at the campus.
  • Vehicle details: Records the vehicle details like type, number, seating details etc.,
  • Stop grid: Create stopping names here where the vehicle deals with.
  • Route details: Create route details for each vehicle.
  • Trip details: Assign route details and students to the vehicle.
  • Fees details: Allows user to pay vehicle fees of the student
In detail:Crystal clear reports of Full campus covering the admin, student, parent, non-teaching staff, teaching staff, library, transportation. These Mighty Reports with Export to Excel facility too.