A survey conducted by CII states that 20% of medium and 80% of small enterprises do not have a dedicated Human Resource Department. Most small to medium-sized business owners consider but dismiss the idea of using HR Management Software for their business due to budget constraints.

As small businesses thrive, their HR administration becomes more intricate. There comes a time when critical activities that drive the business like employing new hires and paying employees outgrow paper files and stop fitting on excel spreadsheets. This is when using a new solution that simplifies HR processes comes into play.

Presently, you may not have an army of employees across the globe. However, it is a necessity or mere luxury to show more attention to human resources. However, it is disastrous for a small business not to hire the right kind of people and attract too much attrition.

Need focus on Human Resource

  • Employees: The success of any small business relies on its employees. People are the key success differentiators for these businesses. If employees are carefully selected, nurtured, and maintained, they will take care of the customers and ensure business continuity.
  • Synchronize: A great CEO can synchronize the effort of people, cash flow, targets, expansion, and keep the business running, profitably. If we deploy non-efficient people, who do not put enough effort, this synchronization will fail, and a small business CEO cannot afford this. So, once again, human resources play a vital role.
  • Rules and Policies: When you seed a new business, it is quite unusual to put all systems in place. While expanding, written rules are mission-critical as this can enable consistency to a large extent. For example, a registered employee Leave Policy, when circulated among employees, can help cut unnecessary queries, policy violations, unplanned leaves, etc. HR Office can put in to practice the policies in a better way.

How long you print paper forms, generate memos, cut the check, and scrutinize spreadsheets? This is too tedious, and it consumes precious time for key stakeholders.

HRM is a tedious and time-consuming process. Holding one of the most significant assets of a business, it is vital to manage and employ the available resources in the best possible method. An automated HR system offers a wide variety of benefits that ideally suits your unique business requirements.

Human Resource Management System

HR Management Systems in small businesses are handled through an endless number of spreadsheets and folders. Even with tighter budgets and restricted resources, small businesses still need to centralize the human resource workflow efficiently. The HR chores in small companies may look manageable and straightforward. Still, a slight miss may lead to uncontrollable damage like - fine and penalties due to non-compliance, high attrition leading to lack of sufficient talent, delay in production cycle due to insufficient staff, etc.A well-structured Human Resource Management System not only saves considerable hours of manual chores but also motivates the employees and reduces attrition.

What does HRM do?

  • Attendance Tracking
  • Track information employees
  • Our HRM Automate compensation and benefits management to eliminate human errors and greatly reduce processing times. Our HRM System is user friendly.
  • Task Management/Tracking
  • Simplify employee management and focus on workforce
  • Report and analyze your company’s employee statistics
  • Hassle free HRM paperwork
  • Hence save time and money by centralizing your employee data.
  • Files and Document Management
  • Employee Self service
  • Pay Roll/Pay Slips

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