CRM is software that you as a company can use to communicate with your customers - for administration, sales and marketing. Roughly speaking, a CRM system helps you in customer acquisition and subsequent customer retention.

The benefits of CRM for sales

A CRM system allows you to approach sales systematically. Your customers and prospects are stored in the CRM with all associated contact data - everything is clearly laid out in one place. From the initial meeting and initial questions through contract negotiations to post-sale assistance, you can take notes on a contact, create tasks and resubmissions so that no callback is forgotten and no offer is lost.

Everyone in your team works together in sales with CRM. Even several departments and areas can work together synchronously and efficiently with a central CRM and coordinate perfectly. That's the big advantage of cloud services: whether in different offices or from the home office - everyone knows about the current processing status. This means that, in addition to the forgotten tasks, duplicate tasks are a thing of the past.

This better internal organization of existing knowledge will help you to increase sales and improve support. Finally, successful customer relationship management will also enable you to measure higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The benefits of CRM for marketing

You probably know it best yourself: You walk through the city, watch TV or click your way through the Internet - and are overwhelmed by advertising. A miracle, if thereby at all only one advertising message remains hanging. With a planned marketing measure, the targeted approach to your (potential) customers is more important today than ever - and with a CRM much easier than you might think.

For example, you plan to send out a newsletter to promote your new product X, which is of interest to everyone who already owns product Y. But who was that again? Simply send the newsletter to all your contacts, risking a lot of wastage. All those who are not interested in the product advertised in it will no longer read your following newsletters if they notice that they are not interested in the content anyway. With a CRM, on the other hand, you can easily filter all stored contacts according to your own criteria in order to reach exactly the right target group for your marketing activities.

The benefits of CRM for administration

Not all companies or organizations do acquisition or plan marketing campaigns at all - but that does not mean that a CRM cannot benefit them. As an association or foundation, for example, you may not need to make a classical acquisition, but you still have a lot of members and therefore a lot of data that has to be stored somewhere.

With a CRM for your club you can manage all members, take notes about what was agreed with whom and enter appointments in the calendar. It's as easy with Bigdbiz CRM at home as it is on the go, on your laptop and Smartphone, because it's an online application that doesn't need to be installed first, so you're always ready to go. This allows an organization team to work together efficiently and keep up to date without having to be in one place.