How Apparel Industry Save Time and Money using ERP Solutions

Textile ERP

Apparel manufacturers face a many pain points in day to day activities.

From poor integration between departments and a lack of real-time business management, to poor inventory stock management, these issues can affect productivity even damage customer satisfaction and brand reputation.

Best solution is apparel ERP software.

It can streamline the entire business, saving you time and money, with best and adaptive functionality that is tailored-made to the specifically address the requirements of your sector.

Here comes the solution for the entire problem!

Efficient Sampling and cost management

Today in apparel manufacturing a preplanned sampling and cost estimation is vital process.

When customer is seeking for an estimated cost for a apparel, your business must have a instant report to provide costing for that apparel. Your business reports must provide breakdown for the cost included, to make profitable decisions.

Textile ERP

Auto ordering and workflows

Once Order is confirmed, ERP software for a apparel manufacturing company can simplify the upcoming operations.

Like enabling you to track orders, change bills of materials and convert them to work orders, track actual material consumptions, manage batch runs and track products throughout the entire process. This will consequently improve the efficient time management and employee productivity.

Centralized product data

By centralizing product data and managing the inventory from the initial concept to the final garment, significant savings can be enjoyed.

ERP software for a apparel manufacturing company can identify where a fabric is used in several lines, facilitating the accurate calculation of the total fabric required and alert for re-stocking during demands. Not only that, all the processes department wise can be tracked using apparel ERP software

Business on your fingertips – efficient administration

When all departments are able to access a single platform (ERP either cloud hosted or on-premises), customer data is stored centrally in the ERP. This helps reducing the time spent by administrative staff for tracing, sharing and matching up information. Customer enquiries can be answered promptly with relevant and real-time information. Since ERP will help in saving time for invoicing and purchase order documentation.

With less need to manual tasks, lesser errors are made so that overall efficiency improves.

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