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Now-a-days, the dry cleaning companies in India is rising rapidly, and it might not be possible with the best dry cleaning software. These dry cleaning software solutions offers amazing peculiarities for billing, invoicing, POS, customer & order management, inventory, remainders and many more.

Our Laundry Management Software is a system application program which helps to smoothen and manage the dry cleaners and laundry business management service workflow such as laundry record keeping, manage daily tasks, laundry billing, pos, collection, delivery, sales analytics and dashboards, integration with services like SMS, Email and WhatsApp, etc. It has turn out to be a boon for the laundry business.


Streamlined Laundry Processes

Our software takes orders, processes them, and generates invoices all at a single click.

Paperless Process

A peck of bookkeeping for inventory and bill is now sorted with the aid of this service. It ensures safe and secured data storage at a centralized platform and you can now access your past data at just a single click.

Laundry Inventory Management

Our laundry management software assorted with continuous tracking of laundry items inventory with laundry detergent, machine check-ups, etc.

Streamlined Workflow

Assigning, dividing effectively as well as tracking of works among the various group of employees can be done with more ease and efficiency, and even check it through the laundry management software without any hassle.

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Best Laundry Management Software

The features Bigdbiz will provide that will make your operations smooth.

POS System

POS System

This module includes all billing features. It allows users to generate orders which depends on both weight and individual Cloth pieces. It also has the feature to save phone numbers, generate SMS and WhatsApp notification to alert customers about their orders and deliveries. These functions help classify orders separately for identification purposes.

Laundry CRM

Laundry CRM

With laundry, CRM software feature assists actively in retaining your customers and makes them as your regular ones. The system stores and saves your customer's contact details and helps to generate customized codes and vouchers for them to claim and increase your laundry’s revenue.

Store Management

Store Management

Laundry management solution aims at ensuring stratified control in management of workflow. Various kind of employees has dissimilar rights so that they see only information that is required for their role.

Analytics and Dash boarding

Analytics and Dash boarding

Laundry management software offers a comprehensive analysis of your sales and cash flows. This assists to study your service performance also profits better so that you can strategize and then improve.

Multi-Store Management

Multi-Store Management

The module provides an added benefit for large scale laundry service providers for store maintenance. All the features are provided but on a larger scale for multiple laundry stores. The data can be acquired from anywhere and everywhere, and business processes are eased.

Dry Cleaner Management

Dry Cleaner Management

Laundry management software offers an benefit to laundry service providers for order processing. It brings about a lot of synchronization between your deliveries and pickups. Your daily deliveries, pending deliveries or urgent delivery scope everything is just easy.