When you move from manually managing your hotel to using software instead, the software will do most of your work for you. It can touch every part of your operations, automating and simplifying nearly all your tasks. From managing reservations to organizing housekeeping, to developing reports, it will save you hours every week.

Improve relationships with guests

This one might be surprising but it’s true. Hotel management software will help you provide a smoother contactless payment experience and check-in/out experience, making for happier and more loyal guests. Personalizing guest communication is also easier and quicker with software, enabling you to build loyalty more regularly. The more loyal guests you can create the more direct bookings you can drive.

Increase your occupancy rates by integrating other tools

With the ability to integrate with channel managers and online booking engines, a hotel management system will allow you to advertise your rooms to more travelers than ever before and also increase your chances of capturing direct bookings.

Get better at revenue management

Your system will have simple and easy to access reports on performance and operations to ensure you have the right data to analyze and make better revenue management decisions. You’ll also have more access to crucial data by integrating a channel manager, pricing tools, or a complete revenue management system.

Bigdbiz Hotel Software

Reduce manual errors

With an automated system making it easier to input and process data, your records will be much more accurate and it will be much quicker to reference them. Integration with a channel manager will also ensure your inventory is updated automatically, reducing the potential for annoying double bookings – improving life for you and your guests.

Cloud Based

Since cloud-based software stores everything remotely, there’s very little danger of anything being lost, damaged, or stolen. It also makes everything quicker to access and lets you be flexible. With a hotel management system there’s no need to be tied to your front desk. All you need to operate is an internet connection and a smart device like your phone or laptop. Having this freedom means you can spend more time helping guests or even running your own errands.

Reach your milestones quicker

A system that works in real-time – works quicker than you can! Even if you still think you can do everything we’ve listed by yourself, the time that a hotel management system will save you is worth a lot of money and peace of mind in the long run. It’s like having an extra employee for a fraction of the price.

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