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Thousands of property owners and managers rely on Bigdbiz Property Management software to satisfy their operational, financial, and business intelligence needs, from obtaining tenants to preparing financial reports.

Bigdbiz is the greatest property management solution for homes, businesses, affordable housing, real estate, modular housing, self storage, and associations.

Bigdbiz Residential Property Management Software enables you to do more than simply manage your properties. You may manage everything from identifying the property to ensuring legal compliance and engaging into a Lease/Rental Agreement.

Rental property investors and managers can use Bigdbiz rental property management software to arrange rental properties, manage tenants, make financial reports, manage property paperwork, and send lease, rent, tax due date, and EB bill reminders.

Tenant screening, lease preparation, online rent collection, maintenance request management, nearby property finder and safe document storage are all included in the Bigdbiz property management software.

Bigdbiz, the best property management software, gives you an easy way to manage your real estate portfolio, from tenant screening to upkeep. This software may help you attract, screen, and manage renters, as well as respond to their maintenance needs and manage all of the costs and revenue that comes with it.

Bigdbiz provides both Android and iOS users with cloud-based property management software and a mobile app.

Benefits of Property Management Software

Real-time access to information

You may work from anywhere at any time with bigdbiz property management software, which is a web-based platform. Data is updated and stored online, allowing you and your tenants to use their mobile phones to access all of the essential functionality.

Property management

All property information is accessible through the admin software. Property management software speeds up company operations while minimizing third-party resources, allowing you to achieve more management consistency and increase performance.

Online payments

Tenants can pay their rent directly from their phones using Bigdbiz property management software, and you will get it within minutes. When you keep records online, it's easier to keep track of payments from each tenant, and it's also easier to create financial reports automatically.

Automated Reminders

You may use the bigdbiz rental management software to make reminders to help you communicate more quickly in a range of circumstances. Late fee reminders are now automated, so you won't have to deal with any unpleasant interactions with your tenants. Notifications can also be sent out when leases are coming to an end, so no one is taken aback during the final weeks.

Attractive Interface

By documenting and organizing maintenance, Bigdbiz property management software may be a useful interface for tenants and landlords. This is a straightforward real estate management software that allows you to keep track of real estate-related finances with ease.

Centralized Documentation

The centralization of documents is a feature of the Bigdbiz property management system. Property management software keeps everything in one app, so you and your team don't have to sift through a jumbled system to find the information you need. When working with lease agreements, contracts, and other sensitive documents and files, this is necessary. As a consequence, you'll be able to close agreements faster, meet regulatory deadlines on time, and earn your clients trust.

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The features Bigdbiz will provide that will make your operations smooth.

Wastage & Theft Control

Payment integration will reduce the time spent on billing, lower the cost of paper records, and ensure that payments are collected safely. The Bigdbiz property management software allows tenants to pay online in their preferred format. Our software is easy to use. Allowing the renter to handle the online payment procedure and allowing automatic verification saves you time and effort. It also helps in the avoidance of late and non-payment issues.

Centralized Production Management

Bigdbiz property management software can save all of the information about your property, land, tenants, and finances. Using our software, you may upload, import, and manage documents with a single click. You can attract tenants as well as keep them happy using our software, which will help you establish a positive reputation when it comes to leasing your homes.

Shelf Life Management

Everything is done online with our property management software: applications, resident screening, leases, rent payments, maintenance requests, complete property information, late notices, and much more. Reduce the amount of office supplies you use and the amount of clutter in your workspace. Allows you to work from anywhere and save money on overhead.

Detailed Report and Analytics

Managing multiple properties is one of the most essential reasons why property owners, real estate agents, or investors consider property management software. Using bigdbiz property management software, you make the process of financing, invoicing, reporting, and communicating smooth.

Cloud Based

Our MIS reports include daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual data on your properties. Our software allows you to see detailed property information. As a result, you'll be able to show all land and house facts to the correct renters at the right moment, increasing revenue.

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Bigdbiz property management software includes a map feature that allows you to navigate properties within a kilometre radius. Both the iOS and Android apps allow administrators to verify property details.

Receipe Book

You may send rent, lease, tax due date, and EB bill reminders to your customers using bigdbiz property management software. As a result, you will be able to avoid late payments and deliver notifications on time.