Enhance Customer Experince efficiency

smooth Dine-in

Immerse yourself in visually stunning menu details, complete with enticing images and a seamless 'Add to Cart' feature, bringing the convenience of ordering at your fingertips.

Customer Feedback Form


Effortlessly capture valuable insights: Our user-friendly customer feedback form simplifies the process, allowing you to share your thoughts and suggestions seamlessly

Enhance kitchen efficiency

Order to kitchen

With our organized order management, the kitchen operates smoothly, avoiding any confusion and allowing chefs to focus on delivering culinary excellence with precision

Key Benefits of Digital Menu

High-end Audit Reports

There are many advantages to make your restaurant menu more digital-friendly. When you create restaurant menus as a QR Codes, it's even better because the benefits can be enjoyed by you and your customers.

Day-end Summary, Expense and so many

Demo Video

Bakery Management Software Modules

Recipe Management
Raw Material Management
Raw Material Minimum Purchase Level Alert
Automatic Goods Inward Records
Store Items Inward & Outward Management
Multi Store Transfer Management & Reports
Third Party Supply Chain Management
Retail / Store Billing
Point Of Sales
Cake Order Management
Automatic Goods Receive Note
Inter Stock Transfer Management
Interval/Dayclose Business Report
All Reports Management
Owner App
Expense Management
Cake Order App
Cake Catalogue App
Invoice & DC
Accounting Module
Auto E-mail & SMS Reminders


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