FMCG companies deals with loads of heavy to medium productions while the prime concern is on product positioning and pricing. Such companies operate on medium to low margins and as a result losing a single opportunity to make a sale can cost a lost. Hence, ERP software in FMCG industry is invaluable to reduce cost, increase sales and most importantly, help the organizations make right planning and strategic decisions.

Automated business process

ERP software automates the business process. By automating the process it keeps all data in a centralized location which is completely accessible to functional departments- development, plant, procurement, finance, sales and delivery and more. Any team can monitor the progress without depending on anyone. With the real-time data each team can work collaboratively on the production. This increase efficiency and improves productivity. Automated process accelerates the production while reduce the error.

Customizable and transparent

The best part of ERP software is that it can be implemented based on the functions required. Nowadays, ERP system comes in modules designed for supply chain, manufacturing, plant maintenance and to name few. And also ERP can keep track on First In & First Out stock, inbound logistics, promotions etc. Hence, this makes the entire process transparent.

Updated to market conditions

ERP system provides real-time market data that helps businesses to evaluate, plan and adjust according to the changing market trends. Business executives can keep tab on the system generated reports on regular intervals to foresee customer purchasing trends and market positions.

Enhanced delivery

Streamlined process, accurate production and real time market data gives you more control over prompt delivery that results in making your customers happy. As said before FMCG industries deal with complicated and lengthy operational process which makes timely product delivery a complicated thing. ERP software provides accurate data on time to the individual department that helps decision makers take comprehensive view on the market and act without any further delay.

Now it’s not very hard to see why having ERP software for FMCG industry is so important.

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