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Sales Order

Sales Order App incredibly improve sales performance by speeding up the ordering process. Use a mobile device to show new products to customers & to quickly create orders at busy retail spots

Bigdbiz Sales Order Management App developed for Marketing Persons and it is guaranteed to improve efficiency of your sales person.

It Includes Sales Order booking, Outstanding management, customer profiling.

The app comes along with a fully control Admin Software.

Sales orders can be entered and managed through Android devices using Sales order booking App.
It facilitates faster booking of orders by the sales person from anywhere & anytime.
The order booked in the mobile device will automatically get created in the Admin Software application with Whatsapp integration.

Sales Order

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The features Bigdbiz will provide that will make your operations smooth.

Admin  Controlled Catalog Images

Admin Controlled Catalog Images

Bigdbiz Textile Software allows user to find out the reason for Wastage. Whether it is by Width Shortage or Fabric Damage at the time of each Staging of Process.

Create and Manage Sales Orders

Create and Manage Sales Orders

User can easily track a "Lot" Stage / Process. I.E: Whether the LOT is in Stiching stage, Kaja/Buttoning etc.,

Create Sales Order for multiple stock Items

Create Sales Order for multiple stock Items

User can track and Control Fabric Wastage on Each stage of process, like, Width Shortage, Cutting Master, End-Bit Fabric etc.,

Automatic update

Automatic update of the booked Sales orders Admin Software

The user/admin will receive the Stock Minimum alert by SMS/Email. This helps user to get ready in advance for new purchase.

Facilitate Discount

Facilitate Discount in the Sales Order

The Automised Process and easy tracking feature reduce labor cost and paper work. The wastage reduction leads into high increase in Profit and growth efficiency

Displays complete profile

Displays complete profile of customer

Being at one place user can manage and track the function of Branch. User can control even when he is remote from his location by the web-based feature. User can control his business with his Mobile/Tablet/Laptop from anywhere

Tracks Outstanding

Tracks Outstanding of the Sales Person

Send Notifications

Send Notifications to your Sales Team

Know Statuses

Know Statuses of Orders booked

Track Current Location

Track Current Location

Note Payement Received details

Note Payement Received details with Proof Upload

Note Expenses Details

Note Expenses Details with Proof Upload