The management of the Textile business from scratch, including raw material products, orders, sales, and operations, may be exceedingly challenging if done manually. Apparel ERP software is also referred to as garment ERP software. A textile management program might help you in this situation.
Consolidate the report within a short period. No possibility of data manipulation. Easily access the data of your software from anywhere in the world from any device.
Bigdbiz Textile ERP was created by professionals in the textile industry and is extremely user-friendly due to the type of individuals who would be using it. Most of our users pick up using our ERP within 3-5 days and don't need any training or practice. We also give all end users thorough face-to-face training so they are comfortable using the ERP.
Real-time inventory tracking is one of Bigdbiz Software's primary features. You can instantly see any and all data as it moves across the system because all of our modules were created within the same system, giving you a true picture of where you are right now.
The professionals at Bigdbiz are here to help you in every way. Our project managers are masters at swiftly and effortlessly bringing customers up to speed with the software, but should you have any more inquiries after that, we have a comprehensive support team available to assist. We'll put you back on course!
Without a doubt. Bigdbiz Textile ERP is designed to improve labor’s work efficiency and reduce costs. We provide ERP training to end users who are currently using registers or other applications. We migrate their tasks to ERP without affecting their efficiency in place of employing registers. In fact, it increases their effectiveness.