Textile Management System

Textile ERP

Features :

  • Responsive Layout Design(View in desktop/Laptop/Tablet/Mobile)
  • Track Fabric Damage/Width Shortage.
  • To know the status on each process.
  • We can control Fabric/Production Wastage.
  • Minimum stock(Raw Material)alert by SMS/E-Mail.
  • Reduce Labor cost/Paper work and increase you profit and efficiency growth.
  • Multi branch support/Role based Settings.
  • We will customize the application based on your requirement.
  • You can control your buisness from anywhere in world.
  • Highly Secured in accessing information over Network, with various user-level accesses

Main Modules Sub Modules

Textile Fabric Production Process

  • Fabric(roll)Purchase Register
  • Cutting Process
  • Stitching Process
  • Kaja Buttoning Process
  • Trimming Process
  • Ironing & Dispatch Stage


Group, Brand, Product, Stock(raw material/semi finished goods, finished goods),
Contact(supplier/customer/deale), Bank, Expense, Ledger, Bill-eries, Tax and primary tax, Price List, etc.,

LR Management

Order Form, Invoice, LorryReceipt Management, Inventory (LR Stock, Direct Stock, Bale Stock, Sales Stock)


Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Sales Return, Purchase Order/DC, Purchase Return, Delivery Note IN,
Delivery Note Out, Opening Stock, Stock Internal Transfer.


Payment, Receipt, Journal, Credit/Debit Note, Cheque Book.


Production Planning(Warping/Sizing, Reaching), Preparatory & Weaving,
Quality Assurance(Inspection and Packing), Cloth Manufacturing.


Billing Management, Tracking Agent, Tracking Client, SMS/EmailAlerts, LeadManagement.


Personnel Information Management(PIM), Leave/Time off management,
Attendance Management, Task Tracking System, PayRoll, Documents Management


Inventory(Current-Stock, Stock-Ledger, Stock-Statement), DayBook, Ledger, TB, P&L, Balance Sheet,
Sales Report, Purchase Report, Outstanding Report, Contact Report,
Customer Report, Top 10 Reports, Product History,
Contact History, History, Lead Tracing Report, Send Message(Customer/Dealer/Supplier)


Company Details, Change Password, Branch, USER/Role Settings, Database Backup