Employee Tracker App


Are your marketing employees working really for you?

Most of the business persons like you, have this doubt in your mind, do all those marketing people really working up to their mark. It becomes hectic for the people like you to find your employee's exact location at that time. We, at Bigdbiz worked with top-most tycoons from micro to macro level with unlike domain verticals. also found a simple tracking solution in the form of App namely The Employee Track App

The app comes along with a fully control Admin Software.
With employee tracking system, you can easily track where your employees are how much distance they are travelling per day.

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Best Employee Tracker App

The features Bigdbiz will provide that will make your operations smooth.

Track Current Location

Track Current Location

We have developed an app, that is Sales Employee Track App, which is used to track your staff's location by means of GPRS, then check in and checkout facility. Whenever you staff enters your client place or customer then they have to use attendance & location tracking app to check location. In along with the reason then after the work checkout with the remarks or feedback to be entered. So that you know what is the status of the assigned work from the wherever you are in the mobile or the system.

Note Payement Received

Note Payement Received details with Proof Upload

You can get the notification of the payment done along with the proof once your staff gets the payment or collection using this app.

Note Expenses Details

Note Expenses Details with Proof Upload

Once an amount is allotted for the staff for their outstation marketing or collection, then the expenses done by them is notified to you with the proof. Or if an amount is collected from the customer then immediately you will get the notification as the proof using this app. So that it will reach you safely without any difficulty.

Tracks Enquiry taken Details

Tracks Enquiry taken Details

If the marketing person during their marketing some new client may enquire about anything new or even the existing. client may ask something that may be known or unknown to the marketing person. At that time you will get the immediate notification using this app. So that your business may be enhanced.

Admin notification

Admin notification

You will get the notification about the marketing people, wherever they go, whatever collection they made and new enquiries using this app.

Pincode based Tracking

Pincode based Tracking

While creating the customer details, in this app, you have to add pin code, so that you can get the notification where the marketing executive goes and you can find all other clients present in that pin code.