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The rise in popularity for B2B ecommerce has heightened expectations, while different methods of buying and selling have introduced complexities.

Listed below are the most common challenges B2B businesses are faced with these days.

  • Global supply chains are complex and growing
  • Multichannel selling along with a growing demand for online shopping
  • Purchasers have high standards
  • Business needs differ from consumer needs

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What B2B Order Management Can Do For You

To help you overcome the above challenges, effective B2B order management systems can step in to take much of the manual grunt work off of your hands, leaving you free to work on exceptions and your front of house strategy.

Manage orders over all sales platforms

You can accept orders wherever your customers are browsing and buying while processing them in line with your unique workflows and practices.

This will save time for both you and your clients by reducing the traditional back-and-forth that typically happen between you, such as inventory management, creating and updating orders and processing payments.

So whether your B2B customers submit orders online, over the phone, via EDI or in person, you’ll be able to gain an overview of them all easily.

Bigdbiz B2B App

Go paperless

Today’s order management systems are often cloud-based. The main reason why cloud systems are so prevalent is they enable businesses to go paperless. This helps you to improve business efficiency by making your data easily accessible from anywhere in the world at any time while protecting the environment from heavy (and unnecessary) paper usage.

With cloud-based systems, you’ll no longer need to send direct mail, faxes and handwritten letters. Instead, you can use email and specialist online platforms to communicate with your clients and take orders.

Reduce supply chain complexity

By centralizing your orders and inventory data, you’ll be able to more readily control your inventory across the globe.

From when an order first comes in, through picking, packing and shipping, you’ll easily be able to track those orders and comment on the current status of each one.