Laundry Management Software provides the benefits of streamlined operations, excellent laundry management, effective cost control and very importantly enhanced and secured administration & control. Our Laundry solution is robust, interactive, user-friendly, flexible and is designed and developed to deliver real benefits to all level of Laundries i.e. from big laundries to small ones. More importantly it is supported by a very reliable and dependable Bigdbiz support.


With laundry, CRM software feature assists actively in retaining your customers and makes them as your regular ones. The system stores and saves your customer's contact details and helps to generate customized codes and vouchers for them to claim and increase your laundry’s revenue.

POS System

POS System has all billing features. It allows users to generate orders which depends on both weight and individual Cloth pieces. It also has the feature to save phone numbers, gives alert to customers about their orders and deliveries. These functions help classify orders separately for identification purposes.

Demo - Laundry Management Software

Dry Cleaner Management

Laundry management software offers benefit to laundry service providers for order processing. It brings about a lot of synchronization between your deliveries and pickups. Your daily deliveries, pending deliveries or urgent delivery scope everything is just easy.

Real time Analytics

Laundry management software offers a comprehensive analysis of your sales and cash flows. This assists to study your service performance also profits better so that you can strategize and then improve.

Go Paperless

Laundry Management software enables the electronic creation and storage of data accumulated from multiple laundry and dry-cleaning operations. By going paperless, the automated laundry system saves a lot of time, increases the security of gathered data by restricting unauthorized users, and allows you to access the digital information anytime and anywhere.

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You spend so much time on tedious operations that you don’t have the time to take a step back, assess the state of your business and determine the best way to improve it, which denies you opportunities for growth and success. Take the first step towards automating your processes, with Bundle.

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A laundry management system makes the smooth running of all operations not only possible but easily achievable. It improves comprehensive workflows. From order taking, quality control and pick up and delivery requests to customer management and equipment maintenance, the software system offers provision for status checking.