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For retail grocery shops, procuring orders is just half the battle. It’s in their smooth processing where businesses are won or lost. Yet, three-fourths of grocery retailers fight with age-old techniques and antiquated technology, making it easy for them to lose and difficult for them to recover.They continue to use old-style phone calls and no-good WhatsApp to take orders and end up taking more time and making more errors, thus ending up with unhappy customers who shift to the next retailer.

Challenge of Manual Order taking systems

Time consuming

It takes 15 minutes, on average, to process an order due to multiple phone calls or WhatsApp messages to double-check on stock availability, selecting the right product quantity and delivery address. Manual punching of orders is giving a knock-out punch to many a retailer and his chances of serving his customers. Your shop staff don’t like it, your customers hate it and the only ones who are happy are your competitors when your customers shift to them!


Despite multiple phone calls and manifold WhatsApp messages, grocers still cannot serve more than 25 orders a day due to the labor-intensive nature of the process. A process that wastes hours and misuses man days. The time that could have been better spent satisfying your customers and making them shop more with you.


Manual order-taking results in inputting incorrect products, inaccurate variants, imprecise customer details or inexact addresses. On average 2 out of 10 ordered items are wrongly delivered or not delivered at all.The resultant disappointment leads to migraine problems and customer migration to the next store.


Phone and WhatsApp orders are bereft of transparency and the customer is left clueless about the delivery status and the expected delivery time. Needless to say, the customers are confused and are forced to call the store and the delivery salesman, multiple times. Leaving them irritated, to say the least.

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Most of the customersjust don’t like the manual ordering system. As is wont with Indian customers, they don’t voice it loud and 3 of them stop shopping at the store that wants them to order manually. They just shiftto the store that offers convenient online ordering.

Revenue loss

All these and more result in not just reduced customer dissatisfaction but revenue loss as well.

Advantages of using Online Ordering System

Smart retailers have found an easy way to overcome the above-mentioned problems and they let customer orders easy.Having it will help your business automate and streamline the most critical and customer-centric ordering processes, helping improve overall efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction and increasing your ROI.The features of Online Order App will provide that will make your operations smooth.

Place order easily

Customers can "View the products" and "Place orders" instantly and also helps them too see the "latest offers and updates" for the products.

Order history

Customers can see their Previous Order details / Order history and in case if they need, they can make "cancellation"(based on admin settings) in online order system.

SMS Alert

SMS notification will be sent both to the customer and to admin instantly for "Order confirmation". SMS notification is sent to the customers once the product is "Ready for Delivery".

Pay online / Cash on delivery

Customers can securely pay for their order online using their Bank account, Debit card, Credit card or they can pay in person. Whichever is convenient for you. It supports both options.

Admin dashboard / Settings

Admin can make setting for "App Holidays", "Location Settings" to restrict orders from unwanted days and location and many more.