Why the Baking Industry Needs Online Ordering


Online ordering is essential for operating your business as efficiently as possible in today's instantaneous environment. Assigning order taking to the client saves a tonne of time in addition to being a fantastic way to stay current with technology advancements.

Online ordering is essential for staying competitive

If you don't adopt online ordering, you risk falling behind as more businesses do so. If your clients are accustomed to using an internet ordering system, not having one could ultimately prove to be a deal-breaker. To make sure you are spending your day where it is most needed, selecting online ordering is essential

Avoid using the broken phone

Have you ever played the childhood game broken telephone? If so, you are aware of how simple it is for miscommunication to occur the farther it is from the source. The amount of mistakes made when customers place orders will significantly decline if you let them do it themselves. The elimination of human error and reduction of shorts made possible by online ordering are essential for improving and optimizing your business!

Embrace flexible ordering for your customers

An ordering system allows your customers to place their orders online - at any time of the day, even outside your bakery hours. Taking this approach means they can order at their convenience, saving you last minute pain chasing up orders, and ensuring a smooth supply chain. In this era of immediacy, businesses need to take an omnichannel approach and be available on all platforms that their customers are

Human mistake and manual entry are eliminated

An online ordering platform eliminates data entry as customers place orders themselves, selecting from a menu of product options. Since all orders go straight to your system, you no longer have to manually enter any data into an excel sheet. When you reduce your manual data entry, you reduce ordering and delivery errors

Increased effectiveness in operations

An ordering platform also does a lot of other admin work for you, including generating production reports and creating invoices. There's always proof of their order, making any delivery mix-ups easy to address. The system can be integrated with your current accounting software, cutting out the step where you have to create an invoice yourself. Customers order products online and receive them in the mail automatically after placing their orders

Display your items

An online ordering system acts as a digital catalogue that showcases your products and is always up to date with new products. The improved back-office efficiency means you can scale your bakery with ease. An ordering system simplifies the whole ordering process for bakers, bakers and pastry chefs.

Use Bigdbiz Software

Bigdbiz Software system allows you to set your lead times per customer and product categories, as well as allow your customers to manage their standing orders. Not only are you able to save a ton of time by setting these up from the get-go, but you also eliminate any misinformation or last-minute changes you wouldn't be able to accommodate.

Online ordering is crucial for keeping your business moving in the right direction. Not only is it beneficial to your company, but it is also beneficial for your customers. Everybody likes to be in full control nowadays, you may as well offer them that power if you can. If this sounds like the right fit for your business – contact a sales rep today!