Why it is important to digitize your Wholesale and Distribution Business

B2B Order App

Today Online Ordering via App or Website has a large impact on all industries as a whole, including aspects associated with Business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce, business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce.

Same way B2B mobile ordering platform can help your wholesale business to improve operational efficiency. You can easily accept and process orders online via b2b mobile application without phone/email/whatsapp.

When your business grows you will be feeling hectic to many multiple orders from multiple vendors each day, when you are using a b2b ordering application, you can cut your operational costs while your revenue grows. You can easily migrate from a traditional mode of business into the digital platform as much business feels easy to track the orders placed instead of complicating with phone or paper orders. As a business owner, you can easily avoid the hassle of phone calls, purchase order, receipts, complexity on multi-price tier and much more.

B2Bordering platform easily support your daily complexities like order management, structuring price details for each type of vendor, and warehouse information.

Unnecessary costs, either direct or indirect, can be cut down when you adopt b2b ordering application, while focusing on growing your business.

B2b ordering application generates important reports on Order details based on vendors, buyers ordering behavior, categories and product based sales report, Salesman performance report. These reports can assist sales & marketing team. Many b2b ordering apps integrate with most of the ERP solutions.

What to check before buying B2B ordering

  • Manage Buyers and Orders Management
  • Mobile application for Sales Executives
  • Quick Reports for Admin
  • Possibility Integration with ERP and CRM
  • Security and availability

Adopting a B2B Ordering platform is to sustain in market. For a free demonstration of Bigdbiz B2B Ordering, arrange it here.