How to Increase the Productivity of Your Bakery


You should have procedures and equipment in place that make it simple to save both time and money in order to make sure your bakery runs as smoothly as possible. Your bakery will benefit greatly from efficiency, or the capacity to do tasks with the least amount of time and effort wasted. We'll go into several time and energy-saving strategies that can help your bakery operate at its best down below. Go on reading!

Ordering online

Modern bakeries must offer the ease of internet ordering. It frees you time to concentrate on walk-in orders and other bakery responsibilities when your clients can place orders and make payments online. Even better if you can provide in-store pickup or delivery!

Customers can browse at their leisure and take their time making decisions in an online store. Online ordering eliminates the need to stand in line, make a snap decision, or deal with additional hassles. Your bakery workers will have more time on their hands, and the customer will have more time to carefully select exactly what they want rather than hurrying to make a choice.

Manage multiple outlets

One of Bigdbiz Bakery POS's less-publicized yet most significant qualities? It permits simple, unrestricted growth. Our order management system enables bakery companies to reach out to wider customers quickly and easily.

Let's imagine that a consumer placed an order at one of your bakeries and wants to pick it up at another. Even while scheduling this on a regular basis could be time-consuming, Bigdbiz Bakery POS has reduced the procedure to make it quick and simple. You can access order information, sort out useless information, and make plans regardless of how many sites you're working with—all in one intuitive location.

Energy-saving machinery

You'll always save money if your bakery equipment utilises less energy. However, we recognise that not all bakeries have the resources to purchase energy-efficient baking equipment. Spending extra money on equipment you're unsure will be successful can feel risky.

Try to keep in mind that it is important to weigh the long-term effect against the immediate expense. In order to determine whether or not energy-efficient equipment will fit within your financial expectations, try to compare your financing alternatives to your anticipated energy savings. Your confidence in your energy-efficient purchase will increase if you discover that you can save more on energy expenditures than the lease payment.

Creating a Kitchen Zone

Zoning can improve the way things flow in your kitchen. Did you know that a retail bakery has four main zones? They consist of preparation, baking, cleaning, and storing. By organising your work area in this way, you can encourage a natural rhythm and keep things as organised as possible.

It can be more efficient and less hectic to set up your kitchen in a practical, orderly fashion. Reduce the amount of steps each team member must take to complete a regular task by organising your workspace. Put your supplies where they make sense for your business. A little deliberate organising can go a long way; you'll be astonished!

Launch Your Bakery POS With Bigdbiz!

So why do you still wait? With our collection of tools and resources that are efficiency-focused, let Bigdbiz Bakery POS take your bakery to new heights. From order taking through production, inventory management and product costing, Bigdbiz Bakery POS has what it takes to help bakeries run more effectively. We'll help you take full control of your bakery.