Managing Transition: A Bakery's Checklist


It's important to change with the trends in any industry. Even though bakeries and restaurants frequently employ tried-and-true procedures, change is occasionally essential. You'll need to be able to effectively handle change if you want your bakery business to succeed. Fortunately, Bigdbiz Bakery POS is here with some advice on how to ensure that change management happens successfully.

Clearly State the Need for Transition

Make sure your workforce is informed of any new processes or procedures you want to introduce at your bakery. It's crucial to get everyone on board before making changes since nobody likes to be taken by surprise by change. Better yet, justify the necessity of the adjustments. Perhaps changes to your bakery company plan are necessary, or perhaps a department has to be added for marketing objectives. Your staff will be more receptive to change if they understand why it is happening, regardless of why the winds of change are blowing.

Teach Your Staff New Procedures

Don't forget to continue your training as soon as you begin making modifications. You'll need to re-train your current staff to ensure that they are up to date if you're introducing new procedures and regulations. Explain any significant modifications to current practises and quickly remind your team of the rules that won't change.

Deal with Conflict Directly

Conflict can occasionally be unavoidable. Even if you follow all the correct steps, some employees might not like the change. When recipes, POS systems, or inventory control procedures are changed, it's not uncommon for more seasoned employees to become a little upset. Don't try to avoid the conflict; instead, talk openly and attentively with the disgruntled team members. You could include some of their recommendations in your change management strategy if they are reasonable.

Create a Model

Always act in the manner that you would have others act on your behalf. They might begin to feel worried about the change as well if you have a poor attitude on it or appear overwhelmed. Accept new guidelines and practises, and be kind with your staff while they adjust.

Recognize the Work of Your Team

Giving credit where credit is due is one of the finest strategies to be successful in both change management and bakery staffing. Never hesitate to compliment or award your team members if they are adjusting to new policies very successfully. When employees are rewarded for their efforts, they will be inspired to keep up the good work, and other team members will take note and emulate them. Every now and then, especially while adjusting to change, everyone needs a pat on the back.

With Bigdbiz Bakery POS, embrace change

Nobody has ever said that managing a bakery is simple, but it doesn't have to be difficult. Modern Bigdbiz Bakery POS software will enable you to expertly manage your shifting needs. Make an appointment for a demo right away to discover how to utilise Bigdbiz Bakery POS to the fullest.