A Guide for Public Relations for Local Bakeries


It's always a good idea to keep your bakery in front of both present and new customers. Increasing brand recognition will help a lot in sparking people's curiosity. You don't need a degree and it's simpler than you might think to advertise your bakery. What you could do is:

Be Aware of Local News Sources

Your bakery stands a good possibility of being covered by local or regional news sources if you are persistent enough. Even though you might truly want to target a nationwide audience, we always advise focusing on local communities near your bakery. By doing so, you can actually profit from your feature!

You have the chance to develop a working relationship with local sources. Follow local food reporters or editors who cover community interaction online. Practice putting yourself and your bakery out there by leaving a comment on one of their stories or sending them a private message introducing yourself. Start by concentrating on the following local channels:

  • TV stations
  • Radio stations
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Websites
  • Podcasts

Make Your Pitches Specific

When you're prepared to start pitching to your sources, be sure to give the angle enough thought. You shouldn't use the same pitch for the food reporter and the community engagement editor. Make your angle "news-worthy," no matter what it is. PR is not a justification for passing off promotional content as news. You must have an argument for your pitch.

Imagine that a recent national research on the benefits of a gluten-free diet has been broadcast, and that you are a pastry chef who specializes in gluten-free cuisine. That is a localized version of a national story that a reporter could be interested in covering.

Prepare your press kit

You must be ready for all that goes along with being highlighted in the media. Make certain to put together a thorough press kit. This contains all the details a reporter would require to write a story about your bakery. It ought to contain things like:

  • Bakery history
  • Brief biographies of management
  • News coverage from earlier
  • Industry recognition and prizes
  • Contact details

Establish a PR calendar

You might make it a habit to build your bakery's PR strategy around well-known occasions or significant dates. Perhaps all it takes is some basic advertising that you provide freebies on occasion. Here are some other suggestions to think about:

  • Are there any festivals in the area that are seeking vendors?
  • Can a wedding cake booth be set up at a bridal expo?
  • Is there any neighborhood charity with which you could collaborate?

There are countless options! Excellent PR may increase your bakery's credibility, improve your reputation, and encourage customers to return. You could need assistance streamlining your bakery as there is increased traffic. Find out more about the benefits of using Bigdbiz bakery ERP.

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