Excel sheets in your bakery: How to Get Rid of Them


Many tasks can be accomplished with Excel sheets, like logging staff hours, keeping track of daily purchases, and managing a modest inventory. Excel, however, may soon become outdated as your bakery gains popularity both locally and internationally.

Excel may prove to be more work than it's worth when you have dozens of goods, hundreds of orders, and more than a few employees. When it's time to get rid of spreadsheets from your bakery, Bigdbiz POS is here to offer simple solutions that will make your bakery function flawlessly! Read on to find out how we can help you permanently get rid of spreadsheets.

Game-Changing Effect of Order Management Software

To say that it requires a lot of commitment and effort to run your own bakery is an understatement. Why add more working hassle from crowded spreadsheets when you already have plenty on your plate?

Even though you might need a spreadsheet now and then, our cutting-edge bakery software can streamline the process and eliminate the need for dozens of files on your computer. How Bigdbiz POS can simplify your life is as follows:

  1. Coherence: Your spreadsheets are consolidated into a single, coherent location by our bakery management solutions. All of your products can be entered, and you can handle incoming orders, designate completed orders as such, and manage your online storefront. Bigdbiz Bakery POS aids in reducing disorder and clutter.
  2. Efficiency: Any successful business depends on it. While you might not be able to speed up the baking process, you can manage orders more quickly. With the help of our software, you may eliminate manual data entry and the numerous spreadsheets you currently maintain, saving you time. You will be able to spend a lot less time repeatedly entering the same data thanks to Bigdbiz Bakery POS.
  3. Flexibility: To adapt to your changing demands, we can assist you in implementing adaptable solutions. Since a customer's favourite baked treat may change at any time, you need software that will expand with your company. Our order management programmes are simple to use and adaptable enough to meet your needs year after year.

When cohesion, effectiveness, and adaptability come together successfully, you have a bakery that is well on its way to long-term success. The simplest method to organise your workday is to reduce the number of Excel documents you use. You may still keep one or two spreadsheets for payroll and income from prior years. Users of Bigdbiz Bakery POS frequently see an increase in revenue and employee satisfaction in addition to less effort and headache!

With Bigdbiz Bakery ERP, you can manage the commotion and take full control of your bakery

It has never been easier to improve your bakery. New bakeries and established shops alike now have the tools to attract a loyal customer base thanks to Bigdbiz Bakery POS. We're happy to assist you in streamlining your procedure. Our order management software was developed to satisfy the specific needs of bakery operators around the nation.