Digital Menu

Many restaurants make expensive paper menus. By utilizing digital menus and QR menus, restaurants have the opportunity to cut costs. Everyone's main concern is figuring out how to save costs while yet protecting visitors. One of the main issues is what will happen to paper menus and plastic reusable menus in the future. The domain of digital menus and QR code menus holds the key to the solution. These technological advancements can help your restaurant save money in three different ways.

Reduce the price of printing paper menus.

A simple color paper menu can be printed for anywhere between Rs. 25 and 35 per sheet, depending on how many you order and whether it is double-sided. If you order 100 paper copies at Rs. 25, which seems to be the maximum quantity you may buy at once, you will pay about Rs. 2500 plus tax. By simply wiping them off or sticking them somewhere like in a frame put on the wall, behind the bar, the hostess stand, or the server may bring them over for a quick scan, you could save thousands by employing a small laminated, framed, or even sticker QR code. The client no longer needs to even touch them. Additionally, reprinting your menus after making a mistake like a spelling error will cost you more money. Your QR code never changes; therefore there is never a need to reprint your QR code menus! Simply log in and fix the error, and the correction is applied right away.

Eliminates the need for expensive design software

It is common knowledge that making a menu can be challenging and time-consuming. The first step in the process is to purchase software that allows you to create a custom menu that matches the look and feel of your business. The preferred tool is usually Adobe Creative Cloud, but it is expensive. For Rs. 1250 per month, one can get a license that gives them access to all Adobe products. If you just want one license now, it costs Rs. 500 per month. The cost of the full suite for all of these users would be approximately Rs. 15,000 if you only need a single license for yourself, your day manager, and your night manager.

Cheaper labor expenses as a result of less time spent generating menus

Who manages the menu at your establishment? Is the manager paid hourly or on a salary? How long does it take them to create the menu? Do you adjust your menu daily, weekly, monthly, or according to the seasons? Who all offers suggestions for the menu? One factor unites all of these queries: time. Time is also money. You give your personnel the ability to quickly connect into the website application and change menu items in real time by providing a digital menu solution. If you already have a menu designed, these modifications will already be included into its visual appearance. Compared to going to a computer, starting software, fiddling with design aspects, and printing the menu, this is far quicker and easier. Because the QR code menu's QR code is static, there is no need to waste time printing or reprinting menus.