Why You Need Bakery Product Traceability


Any wholesale, retail, or commissary bakery places a high focus on the traceability of its bakery products. You can never predict when you'll need to perform a recall or gather information for an audit. You need your bakery product traceability to be as quick and simple as feasible given how busy you are. You can trace your inventory from beginning to end with Bigdbiz Bakery ERP, and you can issue recalls in less than 30 seconds!

Inventory Control

Traceability of bakery products is made simple by the numerous useful features of Bigdbiz Bakery ERP. Your inventory of raw materials serves as the process's starting point. As new lot numbers enter your receiving bay, you can record them. These lot numbers will then be used in the manufacture of recipes, sub recipes, or goods! Additionally, you will have instantaneous control over these lot numbers. You can easily submit an Inventory Adjustment if you drop a bag of flour so the system knows exactly what is available for usage.

First in, First out

Bigdbiz Bakery ERP allocates available ingredient inventory to these additional things when your starting components are transformed into recipes and goods. Depending on your preferences and the nature of your business, there are a number different ways to go about doing this, but every option has an automated button that follows the first in, first out principle. Your daily routine is made even simpler by Bigdbiz Bakery ERP's auto-generate tools, which also assist in tracking the traceability of bakery products.

When you are prepared to transport the goods to your customers, that is when another crucial aspect of bakery product traceability occurs. To ensure that you know exactly where each item is going, you can choose which lot numbers to use by hand. The alternative is to keep using FIFO to speed up and simplify packaging while maintaining choices for traceability.

Recalls & Audits in Less Than 30 Seconds

A recall can be done in Bigdbiz Bakery ERP in under 30 seconds at any time! You may determine exactly where a raw material travelled within the system by inputting its lot number! Each subrecipe, recipe, product, and client that item touched will be broken down. You can find out if you still have any of the baked product at your plant using the tool for product traceability.

The bakery business places a lot of emphasis on product traceability, hence Bigdbiz Bakery ERP was created to make this process as streamlined and effective as possible. Get in touch with us right away if you have any questions!

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