Textile ERP

The textile industry generally concentrates on designing or manufacturing of clothes and also the task of distribution and use of the manufactured textile.

The textile industry has changed continuously in the last few years. It looks at carrying out their business in systematic way. For this reason ERP can be used and it plays an important role. As we know ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. Therefore the major goal is plan out the resources used and keeping a proper data in software.

It is software for a business; which can be customized according to the needs of the enterprise. The ERP software is the latest high end solution for performing the business efficiently. The software aims at keeping a track of data and making internal procedure flow smoothly.

ERP has helped in increasing the quality and efficiency of the manufacturing process. The manufacturing processes experiences some problems quiet often because of miscommunication and lack of communication. ERP provides a solution by enhancing coordination by keeping an eye on the supply chain, warehouse and logistic.

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It also helps greatly in the function of tracking the progress made in the manufacturing of the product. If any technical problem occurs it can be tracked down easily. The customer can be answered easily with the statistics in hand and his queries can be easily answered with the details of the status of the product. Long chains of communication are shortened and the details can be shared through internet also, thus avoiding any miscommunication.

For both textile and garment sector strategic planning is important and ERP system is designed to support this through resource planning. It facilitates report generation which has to be updated every time a progress takes place. This report can be distributed among employees so that they also know which area has to be given more attention for the completion of the task. The textile and garment industry is ever-changing and thus it is important to know the customers need and record it.

It helps reduce operating cost because it integrates processes of the business across departments onto a single information system. The problem of low inventory or reduced operating cost is ruled out. Whenever resource is needed it is available on time because everything has already been planned. The day to day management becomes easy because it keeps a track of the warehouse also. Everything going into the data warehouse is recorded thus planning for a specific day can be easily done.